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If your asphalt is structurally sound, and your cracks are maintained, then sealcoating or microsurfacing are worth considering. But, if your asphalt is already compromised, consider a thorough repair first. Ground Werx has the right equipment, technicians and material. We stand behind our work. Contact us today to find out more.


Infrared Asphalt Repair 

Our high quality infrared machine creates a smooth thermal bond between the repair site and the existing asphalt that surrounds it, resulting in a long lasting patch. 

Crack Preparation

1) The cracks are either blown out with compressed air or 2) Profiled with a crack router, and then blown out.



Cold Pour Crack Filler

For decades, this cold pour emulsion has been the inexpensive alternative in towns, municipalities and parking lots where repetitive annual maintenance is the norm. It's best suited for smaller/non-working cracks. We pump the bulk material into the clean crack and squeegee it in place. Sometimes "dusting" is desired so vehicles don't pick it up during it's cure time of approx 1 hour.



Hot Pour Crack Sealing

This is a more durable & costlier alternative than cold pour. Kettles heat the material and we use pour pots, tar carts or trailer applicator. We have completed entire airports in a single day, and have serviced subdivisions, in-town roadways and countless parking lots and driveways. Because we're still expanding, you'll see us on rural roadways in the future too.


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